About Me

Hi, I'm ExaltedToast, and I'm a garden-variety software engineer with a penchant for algorithms. My hobby is thinking about things, such as:

Sometimes, I put those thoughts down in text.

Why this site?

I spend a lot of time doing stuff. In addition to my work as a developer, there's hobbies like language learning and reading, and far too many little scripts that I write and forget about. I wanted to have a repository to start writing about the things I do. Things I'm learning about or making, what's on my mind, a little slice of the internet where I could just talk about whatever I find cool.

That said, there aren't any guarantees on the upload schedule, since I generally only want to post here if I think I have something new to say. Most of a developer's time is spent reading, after all.

Also, I just happened to have a spare server lying around. May as well make a website with it. A lot of my friends are doing it!

How did you make it?

Static sites are generated with Eleventy, and served with Nginx. You can read the source code on the Git Repo.


There are a few resources that have been greatly influential to me. Hopefully some of them can help you out too. I also put quite a bit of information in my writing, see the Learning section.


I'm not really a fan of social media. I have a GitHub where I work on stuff, but aside from that there isn't much else.