About Me

Hi, I'm ExaltedToast, and I'm a distributed systems engineer. My hobby is thinking about things, such as:

Sometimes, I put those thoughts down in text.

Why this site?

In The Pragmatic Programmer, David Thomas and Andy Hunt argue that "Don't Repeat Yourself" isn't about code. It's about life. As a mentor, I've noticed that I repeat myself quite often on various subjects. I wanted a place to deposit some of the ideas that come up a bunch, so I could just link it and call it good. This site is an evolving repository where I share whatever I feel like.

My operating rule of thumb is that if I feel like saying it thrice, it's important enough to make public.

Also, I just happened to have a spare server lying around. May as well make a website with it.

How did you make it?

Static sites are generated with Eleventy, and served with Nginx. You can read the source code on the Git Repo.


There are a few resources that have been greatly influential to me. Hopefully some of them can help you out too. I also put quite a bit of information in my writing, see the Learning section.


I'm not really a fan of social media, and I'd rather keep this fairly flexible and unprofessional. As such, all I'll really link here is GitHub.